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Outsourcing services are continuously gaining trust for big companies since they are growing by outsourcing the time consuming and lengthy work . Now only one task left , Concentrate on core job and expand the business. M&P infotech management is continuously implementing the lean six sigma and other quality tools to the processes and eliminating the useless steps and giving efficiency to the process. This is a huge benefit for the client. We are equal serious about the work, be it a simple data entry or a complex UW insurance pricing. Our main services which we deliver with lean and six sigma tool implementation are-

Backoffice Services
Data Entry Online and Offline
Insurance Services
All departments of Property and Casualty Insurance
Claims Administration
Web and Chat


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Global enterprises are increasingly partnering with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies across a wide range of front- and back-office processes to help transform their businesses. The reason? In addition to significant cost savings, M&P Infotech has become a level for driving business growth and innovation.

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M&P is a leading provider of business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing services. M&P Infotech Management leverage the right blend of innovative technology, business analytic and industry expertise to consistently deliver customized, high quality, cost-saving services and solutions

one should contact M&P for trust and performance since they are not centered for money.It is very surprising your first test project can be completed free of cost.

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How it works –

I am interested – How shall we proceed?

Step 1
Contact Us and send us your requirements including:

  • Representative sample of data
  • Volume of work
  • Accuracy required (Double or Single Entry)
  • Turnaround time
  • Communication details
  • Proposed start date

Step 2
We process your data to the requirement as a test to ensure the output meets your needs

Step 3
You provide us with feedback on our test and we agree changes, if any

Step 4
We send you a proposal covering the scope of work, our service agreement and contract

Step 5
You sign the contract, sit back, relax, refocus, and let us churn out the data exactly the way you want!

At M&P Infotech, we understand how important quality is to our clients. Quality control and management is ingrained in our values, culture and is the backbone on which our operational processes are built.

Our quality control and auditing procedures can yield a minimum accuracy/error free rate of 99.99% depending on your requirements. We can significantly improve on the accuracy of your data relative to your internal processes for capture and management.

Try us and put us to the test. We won’t disappoint!